What are the best ways for restaurant owners to recycle Styrofoam cups in Los Angeles?

Styrofoam cup is the most common beverage container in Los Angeles restaurants, which is used by almost every Los Angeles resident. Have you ever thought about the fate of the cups when you use up them? Do you know where they will go in the end? According to statistics, Americans throw away 25000000000 Styrofoam cups every year, most of them went to landfills, but there were exceptions, which were changed by Styrofoam recycling.


If you pay a little attention, you will find that after using Styrofoam cups in restaurants, some restaurants will directly discard them, but some restaurants will collect them with a big garbage bag. As you can know, the collection is the first step in Styrofoam recycling.
Well-managed restaurants have Styrofoam recycling consciousness. These restaurant owners will control their costs from all sides and increase their extra income. In addition to the cup, the Styrofoam tray is part of the restaurant owners' extra income.


For small restaurants, some operators may worry that the cost of buying a Styrofoam recycling machine is too high. However, if you look at it from another view, you will consider it cost-effective. The Styrofoam recycling machine can be moved on the truck. You can reach an alliance with the restaurants that have Styrofoam recycling demand so that not only other owners could save the disposal cost, but also you can make a profit by selling compressed ingots. A lot of manufacturers such as INTCO Recycling would purchase your ingots to make photo frames. This is a win-win thing.


Today, more and more regions of the United States begin to recycle foam. The Foam Recycling Coalition is offering recycling grants to eligible business owners. So far, the Foam Recycling Coalition has provided more than 15 companies with a grant of about $45000. If you want to become a member of the foam recycling industry, you can contact them for funding.