What are the challenges of Styrofoam recycling?

As the plastic number 6, Styrofoam is widely used and has brought great convenience to our daily life. Styrofoam products are popular with the consumers because of their portability. If you look closely, you will find that the packaging of home appliances, coffee cups and disposable take-out containers we use always have a small # 6 sign on the bottom, which proves that this material is recyclable. However, what are the challenges of Styrofoam recycling we face today?

1.Not everyone knows Styrofoam is recyclable

Even though Styrofoam products are labeled plastic #6, consumers who don't know much about plastic products have no idea that Styrofoam is recyclable. In other words, there is a lack of awareness in some areas about what materials can be recycled, which leads to most Styrofoam waste going to landfills along with other household waste.

2.Recycling centers and even curbside bins do not accept Styrofoam waste

In previous years, the Styrofoam ban was a trend, until now, there are still some regions that choose to ban the use of Styrofoam products. However, as Styrofoam has brought great convenience to our lives, and we have been inseparable from Styrofoam products. Therefore, Styrofoam recycling is definitely a good trend, and the recycled Styrofoam blocks can be used as a renewable resource in the production process.

3.Lack of professional Styrofoam recycling equipment

For some small Styrofoam recyclers, Styrofoam recycling machine is a big investment. Especially for some terminal companies with a small amount of Styrofoam waste every month. They usually choose to let a waste management company handle the Styrofoam waste, which is usually taken away for free or paid for disposal. They even didn't know where these valuable Styrofoam products went.

In fact, INTCO Recycling offers Styrofoam recycling equipment that are both professional and within your price range. We will recommend the right model for you according to your waste volume and customize ROI for your entire Styrofoam recycling project. INTCO Recycling also purchases back compressed foam blocks to solve your worries about the recycled foam waste. To insist on Styrofoam recycling, we must overcome the above difficulties.