What can I do with my polystyrene packaging waste

Polystyrene foam - generally referred to as #6 foam plastic - is really a dispose headache. It's bulky, but light, and it takes up a lot of space in waste streams (and landfills), but its removal adds little value to the so-called "transfer volume."

But in our daily life, we cannot escape the problem of polystyrene recycling. polystyrene home appliances and other packaging materials can be seen everywhere. In order to prevent it from being wasted and becoming a major environmental problem, we should take action to recycle more polystyrene waste.

"What can I do with my polystyrene packaging that comes from home appliances?“ asked a local resident.

This problem has been solved perfectly in McLeod County. The county now accepts single-stream recycling, which will classify polystyrene products, including cups, egg cartons, meat dishes and shipping containers. The recycling equipment purchased with subsidies will compress these waste foam into concentrated bricks, and the county can easily ship to the recycling market in trucks.

McLeod county has received $50,000 award from the Foam Recycling Coalition to help expand its polystyrene recycling business. McLeod county used the fund to adopt a Polystyrene densifier to its newly renovated county recycling facility in Hutchinson, Minnesota. This project is proved to be successful as the recycled polystyrene foam can be sold to make profits. This waste management model is a good way help realize environmental protection and resource conservation in the local areas.

Polystyrene recycling project is a smart decision in residential areas, with crushing and compressing process, the waste polystyrene can be turned into something useful and return to our life again. We hope that there are more recycling programs that make polystyrene recycling significant.