What is the secret of European recyclers to turn the waste polystyrene into photo frames?

In Europe, due to the excellent thermal insulation and water repellency of polystyrene foam materials, about 335000 tones are used in various industries, such as fishing, packaging, and logistics. Although this material has been widely used, its recovery rate is not very high, only about 30%. As a result, European recyclers have found a business opportunity in it, that is, polystyrene recycling.


How do European recyclers achieve polystyrene recycling?
The first step for European polystyrene recyclers is to collect waste polystyrene. In the early days of recycling, recyclers have worked with all relevant manufacturers to commit to recycling their polystyrene foam scrap every month. Some manufacturers need to pay for this treatment fee, which depends on the region, the amount of waste, and many other factors. In this way, recyclers can not only get a processing fee but also sell these waste materials to make money.


However, a simple scalping of polystyrene would not make much profit because the loose polystyrene will greatly increase the cost of transportation and storage. The secret weapon of the polystyrene recyclers is actually the polystyrene hot melting machine, which could turn the loose polystyrene into a hot-melted form at a ratio of 1:90. When the polystyrene ingots are shipped to the granulator, recyclers have completed their polystyrene recycling mission. And the rest part that makes granules into photo frames is the responsibility of manufacturers like INTCO Recycling.


How can European recyclers lower the cost of polystyrene collection?
GREENMAX polystyrene hot melting machine offered by INTCO Recycling is small enough and can be moved around on a truck. Therefore, as long as you plan the route to various recycling points ahead of time, you can compress the waste at one time. In addition, GREENMAX machines can be customized according to your needs. If you want smaller machines or need other functions, INTCO can provide them for you, which is also in line with European standards.
Now that you know the secret of polystyrene recycling, why don't you act quickly?