What should we pay attention to when recycling Styrofoam

As most of the plastic materials, Styrofoam does not easily decompose and can cause serious pollution to our environment. Fortunately, Styrofoam is recyclable, and the material has a high recycling value. What should we pay attention to when recycling Styrofoam?

We have to keep the recycled Styrofoam waste clean. Many recycling centers refuse to accept dirty foam food containers, and only clean Styrofoam can be recycled.

Check your county's website or call Styrofoam recycling facilities for information and location. If one of the facilities in your county is available, you can take your Styrofoam there. However, some counties and regions do not have Styrofoam recycling programs, in which case you need to try other options. If you have a lot of Styrofoam accumulated every month, maybe you can start your own Styrofoam recycling business.

Volume reduction is a very importance process for Styrofoam recycling. More and more enterprises begin to pay attention to Styrofoam recycling and introduce advanced recycling equipment turn the loose foam into dense ingots. This process can be achieved by GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier, with the crushing and melting function, the recycled foam ingots will be 90 times smaller than before.

Giving Styrofoam a second life by granulating. Recycled PS pellet is a good raw material for new foam products production. With the wider use of Styrofoam products, the demand for raw materials is also expanding. The performance of recycled PS pellets is no worse than that of primary material, and it is more energy saving and environmental friendly. At present, most of the picture frames, mirror frames and decorative lines in the market are made of recycled PS pellets, with exquisite style and high cost performance.

In short, recycling facilities and Styrofoam recycling machine are what we should pay attention to when recycling Styrofoam waste.