What value can the foam recycling machine bring for enterprises?

The foam recycling industry has become a hot word in recent years. More and more policy support and more industries began to focus on the problem of recycling. White pollution is mainly aimed at foam boxes, foam packaging, foam boards, and white plastic. How can we solve the problem of white pollution? In fact, the best is recycling. Foam waste can be reprocessed through a series of recycling and production processes to form foam particles, which will eventually be used in the production of new foam products. The prospect and profit margin of waste plastic foam recycling is very large.

The foam recycling equipment that we can't forget when we recycle the foam is a foam compactor. Compared with other foam recycling equipment, foam compactor has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, high processing performance, and can handle many kinds of foam. Therefore, what value can a foam compactor create for an enterprise?

1. Save storage cost
For many foam-related industries, the recovery of foam is also partly due to "have to be forced". Due to the light and bulky property of foam, this requires enterprises to have large storage space to temporarily store some foam waste. The storage cost is actually very high. At this time, a foam compactor can save you a lot of storage costs. The compression ratio of foam compactor is 50:1, that is to say, it used to need 50 flat areas of foam waste. Now, 1 square meter will be able to, and the benefits will naturally be saved.

2. Save transportation value
Waste foam is not completely without recycling value, there will be many manufacturers purchase it such as INTCO Recycling, however, the transportation process is a headache. It is not easy to transport because of its large volume, which increases the transportation cost. The emergence of foam compactor can solve this problem. It needed 50 cars before it could be transported. Now the 1 car is OK.

Foam recycling is the main direction of the development of many industries in the future, especially now that the tightening of policies is accelerating the development of environmental protection enterprises. INTCO Recycling is a high-tech manufacturing and recycling economy enterprise focusing on foam recovery, regeneration, and utilization. We look forward to cooperating with more enterprises in the future, let's work together to reduce white pollution from the root!