Whether It Is Feasible and Commercial to Recycle Polystyrene in the UK?

Waste polystyrene foam is recyclable and can be recycled in the UK and around the world. The traditional view is that polystyrene is unrecoverable because it’s non-biodegradable. But this view is not keeping up with the times. In recent years, with more and more countries joining the association of polystyrene recycling, UK has also realized the significance of polystyrene recycling.

Now, industry experts at the British Plastics Federation (BPF) have been working to improve its image and encourage the recycling of polystyrene. In the United States, there are many communities and organizations that voluntarily carry out polystyrene recycling. In contrast to other countries, such as the US, currently in the UK, more polystyrene recycling programs are carried out by companies that recycle their product packaging. But great progress has been made in the UK, and the influence of polystyrene recycling is also increasing day by day.

The introduction of polystyrene recycling compactor contributed greatly to the more profound development of polystyrene recycling in the UK. Now the UK government has set several policies to conduct polystyrene recycling. For example, DRS will incentivize recycling by placing small deposits on drinks products: polystyrene containers will be charged a deposit to prevent them from being buried, burned, or even carelessly thrown away. Once people choose to recycle it, the deposit is returned. It is estimated that every person in England uses 18 single-use polystyrene plates and 37 cutlery each year. Once this new policy is implemented, such a large number of polystyrene containers will be avoided from polluting the ecological environment. And where these polystyrene containers and packaging are sent to? Of course, they are recycled in the recycling companies which own polystyrene compactors.

Polystyrene compactor is the most effective way to recycle polystyrene. A polystyrene compactor is a kind of equipment that can compress polystyrene into a smaller block at a high conversion ratio. When it’s no longer a problem that transporting waste polystyrene to the recycling sites, this will encourage more and more people and polystyrene producers to start polystyrene recycling. After all, it was a dilemma for people to deal with the huge volume of polystyrene in the past—high expense but low efficiency to deal with waste polystyrene. And only waste polystyrene is compressed by a polystyrene compactor into blocks, will the blocks can be sent to a recycling company for granulation and reused to make new products such as photo frames. So as it shows that polystyrene compactor is crucial in the whole polystyrene recycling industry. GREENMAX polystyrene compactor, provided by INTCO Recycling, is one of the top polystyrene recycling machines with high-cost performance. If you want to recycle polystyrene, why not get more knowledge from INTCO Recycling and consider purchasing a polystyrene compactor? Whatever, polystyrene recycling is visible to be feasible and commercial in the UK, and also around the world.