Why is polystyrene recycling an important project?

Polystyrene is everywhere.

Polystyrene, as one of cheap plastics, is a ubiquitous material around us. The rigid polystyrene can be used to make stationery, toy cars, hair dryer shells, soft white polystyrene foam, surfboards, home appliance packaging, water cups and food containers.

Very toxic to the environment and living beings.

If polystyrene burns, harmful gases and neurotoxic chemicals will be released into the ozone layer, causing serious damage to our air quality and increasing greenhouse gases. If polystyrene is sent to a landfill, it will soon be covered with other waste and soil, and it will still exist after 500 years, and the terrible chemicals in the natural decomposition process will also be immersed in the soil.

What can we do about it?

Check the local municipal website to determine if polystyrene can be thrown into the roadside blue recycling bin. For residents, we recommend returning your polystyrene packaging to the merchant, as more and more merchants have introduced polystyrene recycling projects. Then, for businesses that have not introduced recycling projects and have a large amount of polystyrene waste, please contact INTCO Recycling to discuss how to introduce a suitable and complete polystyrene recycling project.

INTCO Recycling is a California-based recycling company that designs complete polystyrene recycling projects for customers through self-developed polystyrene recycling equipment. It is also a polystyrene buyer. INTCO has developed three polystyrene recycling equipment with different compression methods, which use cold pressing, hot melt or surface hot melt technology. According to the hardness, total amount, budget, and local environmental policies of the merchant's polystyrene waste, there is always a recycling machine that is most suitable.

INTCO has already carried out polystyrene recycling cooperation with various industries in more than 80 countries and regions. As a recycling specialist, it is worth talking about recycling programs with it.