Why should we find a more efficiently way to recycle polystyrene waste


If you have ever purchased a flat-panel TV or similar large-scale product, you will find that the inner layer of the package usually has large pieces of polystyrene. This bulky foam material is usually clean and bulky. It’s a pity to throw it away, but if not, the bulky foam will occupy a lot of space, which is really annoying.


It is said that more and more manufacturers and retailers are taking measures to eliminate or significantly reduce the use of expanded polystyrene in the next decade, but result turns out to be not ideal, people's dependence on polystyrene material has far exceeded our imagination.


Polystyrene may actually far better than other packaging materials. If you take into account the overall life-cycle impact assessment of polystyrene foam, energy demand, global warming, water consumption and other factors, you will find that polystyrene is the most suitable packaging material. Zink, the professor of Loyola Marymount university says “polystyrene actually takes up less space than other packaging materials, it is lightweight and it has lower production and transport impact than other products."


In order to continue to enjoy the convenience brought by polystyrene material, we must find a way to recycle polystyrene efficiently. We need to know that polystyrene waste can be recycled as a renewable raw material for new foam products making, and the value is no less than the original material.


To achieve effective recycling of polystyrene waste, the first step is to let everyone know the importance of recycling. For enterprises, they should attach more importance to waste management, and recycling can bring profits. For communities and local schools, we can start a collection program and get local businesses involved. Moreover, professional machines are what we are supposed to invest. GREENMAX polystyrene compactor will reduce the foam volume and simplify the recycling process for you.


Recycling polystyrene waste is critical to the long-term survival of the world. From now on, we can still make a difference by starting a recycling program.