Why Should We Ordinary People Join European Countries Moving Forward to Pushed the Polystyrene Recycling


Since the polystyrene recycling announcement has been made last month in France,more and more European countries have joined in this cause. As we know polystyrene has been put into a variety of consumer products for more than 70 years, such as food containers, rubber tires, building insulation, carpet backing and boat hulls, surfboards, residential kitchen countertops, bathtubs and shower enclosures and cushioning for shipping delicate electronics.

And according to a 12-member international expert panel from Harvard, they made a conclusion that there is no reason for concern from exposure to polystyrene used in finished consumer products. However, until now, the recycling polystyrene packaging rate is less than 40% in Europe, there is a huge demand for recycled polystyrene. Thanks to continued technological advances,plastics have begun to replace metal and wood in many manufacturing processes.


This increase has made it imperative that plastics be recycled and re-used to avoid it ending up in waste streams and landfill sites. In order to alleviate the environmental pressure, we need to do more in recycling polystyrene packaging. To enlarge the capacity of recycling Styrofoam, we better have polystyrene compacts which can do great help, GREENMAX foam compactors can satisfy all your requirements. Not only governments and companies see the potential market of EPS recycling, but also ordinary people know its possibility to make money out in recycling polystyrene.


There is a couple in South Africa just made it out with focusing on the styrofoam recycling due to the vision in supplying to polystyrene to clients who have foam densifiers are able to process and reuse it into other finished consumer products since 2016, now their business covers Pretoria North, Pretoria East, Johannesburg East, Johannesburg South and Johannesburg North.


Last year, more than 5 000 tons of polystyrene were diverted from landfill and recycled into other products such as seedling trays, retail coat hangers, flower pots, furniture components and picture frames. Although some cities are planning to ban EPS packaging, but all in all, the whole world are more focusing on recycling and reusing polystyrene wastes improve the environment and make circled economy which is constant with the goal set by European union.