2016 Economic Social Development And The Scene Reviews

On July 11, 2016 economic and social development and the scene reviews meeting was held in INTCO environmental protection new plant in Zibo City. Major team leaders Zibo City Mayor Zhou Lianhua attended the site meeting, municipal departments and district main managers participated in activities. Linzi District Secretary, District People's Congress Chairman Song Zhenbo, Linzi District Committee Baipin accompanied activities.

The review focused on INTCO Group 100,000 tons of waste plastic recycling project site visits, accompanied by the chairman of INTCO group, Frank Liu, the participants have watched the INTCO Group products, the scale of development, business prospects and so on. INTCO group chairman Frank Liu reported the products, prospects, production line upgrades, firm size and industry achievements of INTCO group for government leaders. The chairman Frank Liu said that at present INTCO recycling implemented the enterprise information, intelligence, integration development, and in-depth cooperation with global supplier of advanced equipment. INTCO are actively learning Japan, Germany's advanced technology, using the technology in traditional manufacturing industry.

INTCO Environmental Protection Bureau as the first pioneer to enter waste plastics recycling industry, has been in constant researching and developing the latest production technology, internal pursuing innovative spirit of enterprise, closely follow the market trend, and is currently on-line a variety of the latest production technology and products within industries. The chairman Frank Liu presented core development strategy of INTCO group "Study Fortune 500 companies, buy Fortune 500 companies, sell Fortune 500 companies, do Fortune 500 companies " to leaders.

In 2016, INTCO group proposed the corporate vision "Let's use human wisdom to serve human,", committed to using advanced technology and production equipment to improve the competitiveness of traditional manufacturing industries, the full realization of Industry 4.0, information technology, the modern enterprise construction.

At the same time, through internal innovation and development, and constantly develop new products, services and support to enable enterprises to continue to provide the world's leading quality, design, best-selling products to customers around the world, in a relatively sluggish export market, and we can constantly improve the enterprise net profit. In the end of 2016, INTCO new plant will be completed and put into use as a high-standard construction of modern production base, covering 100 acres, a total construction area is over 60,000 square meters with rational layout and facilities of all kinds of advanced production equipment upcoming trial production. INTCO will greatly improve the current capacity shortage, the power of our global customers with high quality products such as GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machine and hot melted densifier, exquisite design, on-time delivery, become the sustainable development of business models in manufacturing industry!