A New and Fashionable Drinking for the Young and the Recycling Problems

You probably have known the cocktail for a long time, but you just know and you don’t often drink, or you never drink them. Recently, the colorful cocktail leave a deep impression on us because it has been a fashion for the young. At the beginning, lots of superstars recommend the colorful drink for us. Gradually, we accept this drink and we love them very much.

Why we love them so much? It is not only the good taste but also the fashionable design. The container of this cocktail are PET bottles in fact. The bottles is very beautiful and different colors have different tastes which offer a choice for everyone drink what they like. But, another reason is that the bottle are luminous bottles which attract so many young people to drink. Especially, in the bars, with the beautiful and colorful bottles, the young like them very much.

But the crazy for the drink has side effect which may have heavy pollution on the environment if they are not handled very well. At this time, some actions must be taken quickly. So the owner of the bars should recycle the bottles regularly. But some of them may not know how to handle them effectively and they don’t want to be troubled by the insignificant things. As a result, they don’t do the job of recycling well and the pollution problem and waste problem still can’t be solved effectively.

But some big companies could do recycling very well. They have their good ideas because they find effective way positively. For most of the companies they are likely to buy some machines to handle the bottles, and the machines could save their labor cost and they could get benefits from the recycling bottles. That is to say, to buy a useful machine could have a win-win result.

Under this condition our company also produce some machines-GREENMAX to solve some problems. Also. If you have compacted so much material that our company will buy them to make picture frames.