Asian-Pacific Ocean Region: Current Largest Packaging Film Market

Recent years, with packaging industry develops, plastic packaging market develops too. And as an important part, plastic film packaging market is booming. At present, demand for packaging film is increasing every year. By area, Asian-Pacific Ocean region is the largest packaging film market in the world

Insiders point out that packaging film has great influence on the quality and storage time limitation of food, medicine and personal-care stuff.

A famous industry market condition analysis website recently released a report predicted that global packaging film consumption will increase at an annual rate of 4.5 percent. In the future four years, its market value increase rate will reach 5.8 percent.

The report points out that packaging film producing process is comparatively complicated, it goes through extruding, molding, compacting, coating and other procedures.

Statistics show that this area holds 35percent of global market share in the year 2012. These years, China and India food package and medical medicine industry rise rapidly, which in some degree motivate the packaging film market trend to a higher level. It is predicted that, in the coming few years, China and India will probably become the main driving force of Asian-Pacific region packaging film market.

As for raw materials, PE becomes the most widely used packaging film material with an absolute advantage of 64percent. However, when it comes to increase speed, PP already begins to surpass recent years and is the fastest material in demand.