China Has a Huge Plastic Recycling Market Space But Still in Infancy Stage

Now people from all over the world speak highly of environment protecting and sustainable development. So the waste plastic recycling have a great challenge but have a huge market. Meanwhile, some companies catch this opportunity and they make great efforts to improve their technology and the innovation of equipment.

Why China has a so large market? It is attributed to the support of waste recycling which has become a long-term development plan. NDRC invest about 20 billion yuan of subsidies annually in environmental protection industry, which could pull annual total social investment over 60 billion yuan.

At this social background, the waste plastic recycling is fiercely discussed and the invoice of recycling continues to expand. And the need of plastic granulators is increasing every year, especially, the quick and violent development of the global petrochemical industry. Therefore, new and high-qualified machines are in need. Our company have made great efforts to technology and innovation for many years, and we have overcome difficulties and have a breakthrough of our GREENMAX which are our pride. And our GREENMAX are sold all over the world, especially in European countries and other developed countries because they have a strong sense of recycling.

Josef Hochreiter, CEO of a company, says that their revenues are about 2900EUR and there is a little portion of their business in China. But, they have a good prospect of China market.

Also, this company’s manager says that China is the largest plastic market in the world which has a big potential market. For one thing, China’s plastic market is increasing rapidly as well as the other places in the world. For another, the government is advocating to improve the recovery now because of the pollution problem.

So some companies have begun to aim at the market of China, and they even want to build factories in China. And they find the benefits from plastic recycling is higher than the textile business, especially the recycling of PET bottles.

From above, we can see the waste plastic recycling’s potential. Our company have realized the potential, so we recruiter waste plastic throughout the word to produce beautiful and functional frames. But we also produce machines to satisfy the demand trend. That is, we are not the producers of waste plastic handling machines but also we are the waste plastic recyclers.