Chinese Circular Economy Association Executive Director Visited INTCO Recycling Booth

INTCO Recycling Company showed the reuse way of our renewable PS plastic in the third China International Circulation Economic Achievement trade fair. Our company recollect waste PS plastic material every year which do not contain noxious substance after chemical treatment. And the processing products can consensus on our national standard and the European standard. In addition, we can turn the processing products into picture frames and decoration trim strip to promote the added value. As a result, our products are sold at home and abroad and we have become one of the largest manufacturers of picture frames in this industry.

As the first Chinese manufacturer that related to renewable PS plastic, INTCO have always devoted to the plastic recycling and reuse field. We are the leading edge in technology, scale and production. Therefore, our booth were visited by the Chinese circular economy association executive director and supported greatly by the local government.

With the development of our technology and our innovation, we have made great improvement. Meanwhile, our products have been sold all over the world, such as Asia, Europe, Northern America and some other countries. Now we can not only produce picture frames but also we can produce decoration trim strip by waste polystyrene foam.

But for us, the most important is that we can produce hi-tech recycling machines-GREENMAX now. Our machines can handle all kinds of waste plastic which can give help for the recyclers and some manufacturers that they have so much waste polystyrene foam. If they have the recycling machines, they can compact the lightweight and bulk mass polystyrene foam into tightness at last. So some manufacturer are ready to buy as they need this kind of machines.

Our company also buy the waste polystyrene foam to make frame and decoration materials. Especially, the decoration trim strip which can decorate the hotel, restaurant and so on. We can introduce our machines to our suppliers of waste polystyrene foam and most of them will buy one or more machines to help them handle their waste polystyrene foam.

From above, you can see our company have formed a recycling circle now, and we can speak out that we are an excellent recycling company. And it is an honor that the government leader of recycling to visit our products and speak highly of us. And we are encouraged greatly to devote to this industry in the future.