Chinese Recycling Market’s Procurement Sources of Recycled Plastic

The phrase “recycled plastic” is nowadays related to environmental protection and something good for our world. Products made of recycled plastic are of great value for being reused. There are many possible ways in which recycled plastic can be formed and collected.

It is said that there are several methods that recycled plastic can come into being. For example, the moment to synthesize resin, the process of producing plastic products, and the period of using them, all these can bring recycled plastic. According to the industrial definition, the recycled plastic derives from processing is termed as before-consumption-plastic, while the one produced by having been used is called after-consumption-plastic. Compared with each other, the former has a smaller output but a higher quality than the latter, so the former is more valuable for recycling. The before-consumption-plastic can be dealt with properly during the process of coming into being, while the after-consumption-plastic should be collected through some reasonable recycling methods and technologies, such as classifying the plastic wastes before handling them, and reusing them in different ways.

Chinese recycling market’s procurement sources of recycled plastic are mainly in our native country, which are comparatively cheap and easy to get, while some resources imported from abroad are also taken into account. Most of these imported recycled plastics are of high quality and have more values than the domestic ones, because the classification of rubbish has been carried out much more thoroughly in some foreign countries than in China, and there are fewer impurities in the recycled plastics that we want. Plastic membrane and plastic foam are the main types of the imported recycled plastics, which can be collected from articles of everyday use, some sporting and health products and so on. So importing the recycled plastic from abroad and producing new things should be advocated and encouraged.

Our company also purchase recycled plastic from home and abroad, such as EPS waste, and then make them into decorative products. As long as processing the recycled plastic in appropriate ways, there can be a great improvement in their values, and also a contribution to the protection of environment.