Commerce Department: Plan to Prohibit Processing Trade Waste Plastic

It is said that the Commerce Department is going to prohibit the import and export of processing trade waste plastic, including all kinds of waste plastic under item 3915. Processing trade occupies no more than five percent of our country’s total waste plastic import amount. Despite of the small proportion, we cannot ignore its functions.

It is known that there are many enterprises focus on process trade, and most of them are large-sized and representative standard factories. Small enterprises are unable to do this. If the prohibition is implemented, there will be a big influence on large enterprises, so it suggested that relevant departments should consider this prohibition from multi dimensions.

Commerce Department press spokesman Shen Danyang says that, our first quarter trade data is barely satisfactory. Reason behind is this season’s economy is still weak influenced by last year’s economy. According to the statistics released by customs, the first season this year China’s gross trade value is 965.88 billion with 1 percent decrease.

Looking from the molds of trading, processing trade is the main trade mold that takes down the trade increasing speed. That’s why the Commerce Department adjusts the trade category.

The biggest difference between processing trade and general trade is that processing trade needs no custom duty or added-value tax, general trade do. From the aspect of the country and local, processing trade is the result of trend development. It can reduce local financial burden, and solve lots of unemployment problems. What’s more, for the country, processing trade can enlarge trade with outside, attract FDI and stimulate domestic industry structure adjustment and technology improvement.