Customers Visited Greenmax Recycling Industry Last Sunday

Now, we know the waste plastic foam are widely used in a lot of fields, such as plastic foam board. The following you could know the use of plastic foam board.

The foam board could protect the main structure of the building and extend the life of the building. Since the outer insulation is placed outside of the insulation layer structure to reduce the stress caused by temperature changes due to structural deformation and reduce harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet radiation on the structure of erosion.

Foam board effectively eliminate the thermal bridge previously used insulation, and thermal bridge is difficult to avoid, but external wall insulation could effectively prevent the generation of thermal bridges to avoid condensation.

Foam board is conducive to maintaining temperature stability with wall insulation. It is conducive to maintaining a stable temperature as heat storage capacity is on the inside of the wall structure layer.

Foam board could increase housing area to avoid insulation re-decoration damage.From the above, you could know that the great use of plastic foam board. So there are a lot of waste plastic foams need to be handled and recycled every day. So people also need recycling machines.

Last Sunday, a couple visited our Greenmax recycling machine factory. We introduced our machines to them, and they were also interested in our recycling machines very much. In addition, we also showed machine operation process to them so that they could know much more machines capacities and functionality.

During the visit period, we have developed a good relationship with our customers and we have eaten together. So the two sides have a very good communication and discussed the recycling issues much.