Details about EPS Recycling and the Recycling Process When Make Reuse

You may have known EPS is a lightweight cellular plastic material which consists of small hollow spherical balls. EPS is produced in a wide range of densities. The following can see the use of EPS material.

EPS in Building:

EPS is widely used in the building and construction industry. It is hard to decompose which does not attract pests, such as rats and termites. It has some advantages because it id durable and lightweight. It can apply insulated panel systems for walls, roofs and floors. So you will find so much EPS in the building and there must be so much EPS materials can be recycled. Also, the EPS material is more pure in the building than other places.

EPS in packaging:

EPS materials can be used in lots of food packaging. The fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood all of them can be stored or packaged by the EPS material. Compared with the other packaging materials, the EPS packaging is pure and clean. But the packaging can’t be used for too much time and it is better to change for a regular time. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your health. Also, the seafood packaging must be recycled as there are so many boxes will pack the seafood. If not recycled, the boxes will have a heavy pollution on the environment. In fact, it is very easy to handle so many seafood packaging boxes if you have a helpful machines, just like our machines-GREENMAX, which can dewater the seafood, compact the boxes and melt the packaging boxes.

Other use of the EPS:

The EPS can as the safety guarantee for children’s car seats and cycling helmets because it can reduce the shock absorbency. For the same principle, some electronic appliance and something easy fragile things almost need the EPS material.

As the wide use of the material, there must be so much waste EPS. So the waste EPS need to recycle and reuse. But you need the help of machines if you want to save labor cost and save much more space. Also, you could get benefits from the waste EPS. Our company procure EPS material all over the world, and you can buy our machines and sell your recycling waste EPS to us. In this way can save costs and offer you convenience as soon as possible.