Did You Experience This New Year Party

Free raffle, free buffet, free to watch the performances. This is not a dream! This is the New Year party that organized by the Intco company in 2016! Did you experience it? If you missed yesterday is okay, party time: On January 18 - January 20. Welcome to come and experience the warm family together at Intco company.

The party arranges a series amazing shows such as dancing, singing songs, comedy performances, playing games, sweepstakes and other interesting links. The programs brought everyone a spectacular visual feast. Staff can enjoy the delicious dinner and the wonderful programs, at the same time, they also received a moving and deep concern from the Intco family.

During the party, the lucky draw is very exciting and frantic. The company leaders prepared a generous gift to lucky person, many employees all received awards.

The party, not only enriched the cultural life of employees, on the other hand, provided staff with the time to show their stage, but also enhanced the internal cohesion of employees. At the same time, employees of the Intco Greenmax Recycling company enhanced the awareness and sense of belonging. We believe in we will make great progress in EPS recycling field and be more brilliant in 2016!