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is polyethylene foam recyclable

Polyethylene foam now have a wide use in a lot of fields, and it is also a recycling material which could be reused. In addition, polyethylene foam products are 100% recyclable and durable.

white polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam is an ideal foam for applications. It has the ability to withstand great amount of pressure without losing its original cushioning properties. Polyethylene foam is closed-cell, and the cells packed together tightly and have formed one uniform structure.

hot melt machine

Polyethylene foam has wide usage and has advantages of recyclability, cushioning, flexibility, lightweight and so on. It is a good material for packaging as it is non-abrasive, dimensional stability and excellent compressive creep properties.

hot melted pe foam

Thus, PE foam have used in so many fields and now people have a great demand for this foam. Meanwhile, waste EPE foam have been produced. Waste EPE foam have pollution on the environment if not recollected or recycled. Luckily, now the new technology could get rid of so much troubles. That is to say, now people could handle waste PE foam easily and quickly.

pe foam hot melt

Since PE foam recycling has a lot of advantages, now people could recycle waste foam. First, they need to collect waste PE foam, so people who have waste PE foam could throw them into a fixed place. Then, waste foam collectors could handle those waste PE foam as much as possible easily with recycling machines. Then, handled waste PE foam could be made into pellets, and made into other products.
pe foam cold compression

Finally, people who have so much waste PE foam could save transportation cost and store cost as recycling machines could compact waste scattered foam into blocks or melt waste PE foam down to blocks.
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