Giant Companies Gather in 2015 NPE

American Plastic Industry Association announced that NPE 2015 international plastics exposition will create opportunities for the Chinese audience. Then, China can contact the majority of the American market and learn about new technologies around the world. The US government and the Chinese audience SPI will provide resources of particular value, helping them maximize its benefits in the course of the exhibition.

It is true that China have attached great importance to 2015 NPE. A lot of China’s companies have participated in this exhibition. As a plastic foam recycling company, we won’t absent from every exhibition of NPE. Our company have participated in the exhibition as usual and our show hall attracts a lot of visitors.

They have interest in our plastic foam recycling machines and they communicate with us. We have prepared enough waste plastic foam and machines materials, so they could easily have an effective communication. Meanwhile, we could introduce more details about our machines to visitors. As a result, they we could have a good knowledge of visitors and they could know more about us.

During the visit time, we could visit other companies’ halls so that we could explore new customers and learn from others. We have met our customers who have inquired us through the email. We could not know more about each other completely, but we meet in the exhibition and we could have a better and more effective communication. As a result, mutual trust could be built gradually. Then, a cooperation relationship will be built at last.

The picture is about a company we have communicated with each other online, but we meet again in the exhibition.