GreenMax New Type of Hot Melt Machines Have Been Produced Recently

A new year have been arrived and most manufacturers have some changes. They may make a new strategy and make new plans for a new year’s development. Changing is trend of business and no changes and no pioneer spirits the future will be desperate.

We are not the exception and our company have made a new strategy before the new year’s coming. So at the beginning of this year our new type of hot melt machines have been produced and we have decided to put the new type of machine into market.

The new type of hot melting densifiers have some new advantages over the old type of machines. New MARS-C50 will offer convenience for the buyer who want to add the recycling machine into their production line. The diminutive MARS could save their production space and the machine could be added to the production line easily. As a result, the buyer could save much more troubles meanwhile, they could get more benefits through waste recycling. In addition, they could protect the environment and save much more plastic foams, such as PE foam, EPS foam and so on.

The new type of hot melting equipment have a new design feature with small shapes. It is very easy to transport to abroad as they are lighter than the old and people who need this sized machine could use them as soon as possible.

Especially, in the past few months the oil price was declining, but now the oil price is rising and the plastic foam price will rise as well. So the waste plastic foam recycle and reuse is necessary, which is not only consider the price but the environmental protection effect.