Greenmax Have Visited Alibaba Group in Hangzhou Recently

As is known, Alibaba International Station provides a one-stop shop decoration, product display, marketing, business management, negotiation and shop the full range of online services and tools to help companies reduce costs, and efficient development of foreign trade market.

In addition, Microsoft also introduced the Chinese export through business, mainly through bing to provide key marketing tool for the China-based foreign trade enterprises, which is the main face of oversea users to promote.

Foreign robot: Alibaba trade robot (Alibaba Robot, referred AliRobot). It is China’s first international station automation marketing multi-function software, and the software implementation of a similar robot intelligent massive release of high-quality products, more comprehensive coverage keyword, product Delayed Batch update, and keyword ranking.

Greenmax is specialist for Styrofoam recycling and polyethylene foam recycling. In order to attract more people all over the world to know much about our machine, Greenmax have visited the Alibaba group. Now Styrofoam recycling &polyethylene foam recycling compactor and melter have been produced, which could offer great convenience for waste foam recycling.

However, the question is now only a few of people know waste foam could be handled and recycled by machines. So to enable more people to know how to recycle EPE foam and Styrofoam, Greenmax hope machines could be promoted though International Alibaba Station. Then, people all over the world could know much about Styrofoam recycling condition and it will be easier to find waste foam recycling machine.