Greenmax Machines will Participate in 2014 China Plastic Exhibition

China Plastics Processing Industry Association’s first “2014 China International Exihibition on Plastics new materials, new technology, new equipment, new products exhibition” will be held during 15-17 December 2014 in Guangzhou Poly Expo opened.

There are two exhibition pavilions and booths have been implemented currently. The exhibition encompasses all areas of large plastic enterprise, brands, leading enterprises, research institutes and universities. The exhibition covers the whole industry chain at home and abroad which is an unprecedented exhibition.

According to exhibition information, this exhibition will present recent developments in the plastic a new level, which also have provide the exhibitors, buyers and visitors new opportunities for the development of technology and commerce.

The exhibition will focus on four topic, the first is the main event of science and technology, which is the reproduction of plastic technology development level. The second is plastic products will reproduce huge plastic industry as the core of the whole industry chain exhibition. The third is plastic technology exchange forum for professionals gathered in the exhibition theme, and the era of cutting-edge information will provide exhibitors and visitors. The last is that exchange for converting plastics research on behalf of various professional exhibition that will drive the exchange of plastic technology field.

As one of the biggest buyers of waste polystyrene foam, it is no doubt that our company will participate in the exhibition. Our company will participate in some big exhibition related to waste management and plastics or polystyrene foam at domestic and foreign. We went different places to find more information and technology about plastic recycling and waste plastic handling technology. The exhibition is a very good place to acquire new technology and explore more suppliers of polystyrene foam.

Also, our company have produced plastic recycling machines. We know the market have a demand for recycling machines. So we will introduce our machines to visitors in the exhibition. As most of the visitors have somewhat relationship with the waste plastics. So it is a good place to introduce our machines to them. Meanwhile, a lot of visitors will have interest in our Greenmax machines. What’s more, we could meet some experts who could give us some advanced and innovative ideas.

In a conclusion, we will participate in the coming exhibition as the exhibition is related to environmental protection, source saving and high technology. We will get much more from the exhibition so we will have no hesitate to participate in the exhibition.