Salesman Go Abroad to Visit Local Market about EPS Foam Recycling

As is known, market condition is very important as people need to know the EPS foam and the local demands and price changes. We are waste EPS foam buyer and our businessman often go to different to have market researches. As a result, we could have a good knowledge of waste EPS foam market condition.

Meanwhile, EPS foam have pollution on the environment and our company have also produced EPS foam densifiers to handle and recycle waste EPS as much as possible. Of-course, our company won’t just close our own door to produce, instead we have already go different places and have a survey on different countries related to our recycling machines.

So we have been trying to improve our technology. So our machines could sell to different areas. But we don’t just satisfied and we hope that our machines could be better and could recycle waste EPS as much as possible and handle waste EPS foam effectively.
The following is our salesman and our engineers’ research on the local recycling machines:

Our engineer said that we have found a lot and get much from the research. We have clearly known that machines form other countries’ advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we have also known that our machines can be improved.

During the research period, our engineers have found the problem after visiting our customers and engineers begin to find effective ways to help our customers solve problems. That is to say, it is very important to pay attention to customers’ feedback as much as possible.

For better world and better environment, our company will try our best to recycle EPS foam and provider high technology machines.