INTCO Development and Group Annual Meeting

Last week, something happened in INTCO which have followed the rapid development society as new and good functional machines have been produced. In the following year, Greenamx machine hope to make more contributions to the environmental protection and raw material saving.

Thus, higher technology hot melt machines have been produced as era needs. Now EPS foam and EPE foam have a great use in so many fields, but the plastic foam have pollution on the environment if not handled very well. So it is very necessary to recycle the waste plastic foam as soon as possible.

Luckily, now more recycling machines have been produced which can handle different kinds of plastic foams as much as possible. Waste EPS and EPE foam can be handled by compactors and hot melting machines. Now more and more hot melting densifiers have been produced which have been sold out throughout the world.

As our company is a typical recycling and environmental protection machines, waste polystyrene foam and polyester recycling machine is just one part of our products. INTCO is a typical foreign trade company have a longer history, so our businesses are related to international businesses. As a result, old customers we have are all over the world.

In addition, the Spring Festival is coming and people in China attach great importance to the day. Of-course, as an enterprise of China, INTCO will also celebrate this important day. At the end of the lunar calendar, excellent and hardworking staff have got a big prize to feed back their one year’s efforts.

The group annual meeting, in fact, is a celebrating party. There are so many colorful activity and perfect shows in the annual meeting. After the meeting, colleagues will get together to sing and dance. In the activity, some colleagues become familiar with each other which is better for their future business communication.
Besides, this activity enable people who have a common idea to get together and enable them to communicate with common interests. There is a saying: like attracts like”.