INTCO Extend Heartfelt Respect to All Trapped People in Orient Star

In the evening of June 1, a ship sailed from Nanjing to Chongqing passenger ship “Orient Star” suddenly encountered a tornado and capsized in the middle of Yangtze River area. There are a total of 458 passengers in the ship, including 406 passengers.

According to CCTV report, a total of 33 passengers were rescued, 15 survived and 18 people were killed. The site rescue forces are divided into three columns. The first way is to cut the exposed surface of the bottom, and the second way is sneaking into the river bottom of ten meters of deep search and rescue.

After the incident, the CPP Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping made important instructions immediately, requiring the State Department to send a working group to the scene to guide the rescue work.

Hubei province, Chongqing city and other parties have carried out search and rescue organization fully enough and have made decisions to do related remedial work. At the same time, the incident is profound lessons to strengthen measures to safeguard public security and ensure the safety of people’s lives.

Premier Li Keqiang on behalf of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Vice Premier of the State Council and related department heads direct emergency disposal work on-site command rescue.

All employees of INTCO group extend our heartfelt respect to those who rescued the trapped people prodigiously day and night and the armed police officers who struggled to rescue the trapped. Meanwhile, we wish all trapped people could return safely and we believe life has miracle!