INTCO Has Been Practicing Innovation

In Intco, Enterprise innovation is fully open, the core competitiveness is high.Innovation is not limited to the field of science and technology, the level of production, human resources, and performs in all aspects, issued from the vegetable cutting machine, the configuration of the IPAD to the staff employee innovation awards, innovation is everywhere. Frank Liu believes that the core competitiveness of enterprises, is not the size of the enterprise to distinguish, but the development of enterprises. As long as the response is fast, the capital keeps pace with innovation means keeps up with the team, it will have a unique competitive advantage.

In Intco Greenmax Recycling, communication between departments and staff is very quick, each department has a router, all staff use micro channel to communicate, accessing information is the biggest. Not less than 4000 people every day are in the online, in Zibo base, due to the online speed is too slow, then they changed to Gigabit Internet, not only reduces the cost of communication, but also accelerate the speed of the network. Intco Greenmax Recycling also issued a "super tool" IPAD for every management personnel, scientific research personnel, marketing personnel, bundled with their own mobile phone. While Frank Liu accept the interview in Zibo, he also operated IPAD, let us see the real time monitoring of his plant in Qingzhou. During he went abroad, the documents were signed in line every day. "Because your information is getting bigger, so you have more opportunities to win and work more efficiently." Frank Liu and his staff have benefited a lot.

There are about 2000 people dining every day in Intco Zibo base, individual employees eats two or three meals a day, the restaurant staff needs a lot of manpower and made a lot of effort to complete the security base, equipped with advanced cutting machines, vending machines, new dishwasher kitchen equipment for the restaurant. "A company can not form a short board anywhere, every detail can be changed, every place has its own absolute advantage." Frank Liu says.

Intco group convenes a meeting every quarter, full stuff are in the meeting, Frank Liu will hold, one of them is to give cash awards to the enterprise staff who makes contribution at the scene, the purpose is to promote innovation.

Intco will combine Internet, establish a new marketing system in the e-commerce platform to register and publish promotion information, using micro blog, blog, micro channel to publicity Intco Greenmax Recycling products advantages, and deepening brand influence.

Every year, Intco Greenmax Recycling will arrange sales team to join in the world exhibition, to do product promotion, brand promotion by facing close to the global customer. The product manuals and other promotional materials about Intco Greenmax Recycling EPS compacting will be delivered to the hands of customers.

sales team established contact and communication through the Internet, mail, telephone and other channels and potential dealers, to provide comprehensive assistance to solve FAQ problem, solve all kinds of problems encountered in the sales process.

Frank Liu said, to improve the innovation is necessary. Intco group is developing in the continuous changes and in constant denial. I am full of confidence in the development of enterprises, happy is that we have to practice the value of the enterprise.