INTCO Participate in the ECMONDO in Italy

Recently, INTCO have participated in the Ecomondo where is a special show related to waste recycling. Ecomondo brings some innovations to the Exhibition.

As is known, the development of renewable energies, energy saving, and green innovation for products and processes are the foundations for change. But the current production and consumption processes are not sustainable and must be changed. But the change requires the firm cooperation and involvement of all stakeholders. Governments, companies, researchers, and consumers must learn to substitute the provision of raw materials with secondary resources, and to introduce more efficient production process so that the relationship between manufacturers and client will be more transparent. The Ecomondo can satisfy the demand.

As our company is a recycling company, we are entitled to attend the exhibition. Our staff participated in the exhibition and they introduced our GreenMax machines to the visitors. The exhibition is a place where pay much more attention to the waste recycling, energy saving and sustainable economic. Our machines is recycling machines which can handle all kinds of waste plastics or waste polystyrene foam. That is to say, our machines’ function is suitable for the concept of the exhibition.

So we can participate in the exhibition. In the exhibition, some visitors whose business related to the waste polystyrene foam and plastics have much more interest in our machines. As a recycling company, we will participate in Ecomando every year. In this exhibition, we could meet a lot of recycling experts and some manufacturers who produce plastic or polystyrene foam.
The visitors pay much more attention to the effects of waste handling and waste recycling. Most of the visitors want to find a good solution to handle their wastes, so they will seek excellent machines to improve their work efficiency and cut down their cost.

Besides, we not only participate in the Ecomondo but also participate in some other related exhibitions. In the exhibition, more people can know more recycling and waste management knowledge. For one thing, the exhibition can introduce more recycling knowledge and recycling development to visitors; for another, some more high-tech products can get promoted soon.

These are the reasons why recycling related company participate in the exhibition positively. So in the exhibition, we get much more as more people have a better knowledge of recycling and more people will know our machines.