INTCO Recycling have New Aims and Development in 2015

The year of 2014 has passed and the past year have happiness and sorrows. But, all staff in INTCO have gained much within the past year.

As the new comer, they have had a good knowledge of business and their own job. Even they have some difficulties, they have tried their best to overcome difficulties. Staff who deal with business have get great improvement as they have suffered much and accumulate much more experience in business.

In a word, staffs have become more mature than before and their thoughts are more considerate as well.

So in the new coming year, staffs in INTCO have more expectation for the new coming year. At the beginning of 2015, we are now preparing to have summary about last year. Meanwhile, we are making plans for the new coming year.

Of-course, we have our business strategy as a recycling company. Our company plan to pay much more attention to automatic industry and devote more money to the technology research. We are plastic recycling machines manufacturer and we must have strong technology if we want to sell more machines and get much more benefits.

Our machines are improving without interruption and our engineers have devoted much more energies and time to the improvement of machines. They often go abroad to collect information and solve some problems about machines. So they have a responsible spirit as they have devoted so much to the machines.

That is to say, our staff will try their best to do business and to produce products. Meanwhile, our boss have made a strategy for future and he will lead us to go father and get much more improvement to meet the development of society.

Especially, Greenmax machines have a great development. For example, the machines not only could dewater the waste beverages or PET bottles but also could dry up the vegetables as much as possible.

New coming year will have a new prospect and our company will have much more changes in a lot of fields. So staffs in our company have a confidence in our company and our products.