INTCO Recycling Have Participated in the RWM Show in Britain and Come to a Happy Ending

This month our company went to the RWM show in Birmingham of Britain, and this our fourth participation of this show. So now I will introduce RWM to you.

The full name of RWM is Recycling& Waste Management. This year’s show is one of the largest recycling shows this year. There are 14500 professional audiences taking part in the show during the three days. Of-course, our GREENMAX Machines are popular among the participators because INTCO recycling offer comprehensive solutions to recycle the EPS material. GREENMAX aim to produce compactors for recycling EPS to save transportation cost which is a subsidiary of INTCO Recycling. Meanwhile, our company also purchase some compacted EPS and then produce some recycling picture frames in the factory.

During the show, INTCO Recycling is very active and attractive that lots of participant have interest in our machines and the participant consulted the details about our machines. GREENMAX have high quality machines and the price have competitive advantages. So our products are more and more popular and enjoy a good reputation all over the world. Also, we have made great contributions to the world environmental protection.

In fact, our company’s staff have made great contributions to the show. They must go abroad from China and they must go to Britain in advance as they must set up the show hall and decorate the house that will leave a good impression on the visitors. In a foreign countries it is not easy to eat some Chinese or delicious food as the different taste of different countries. Even though, they leave a good impression on the visitors and signed up several contract as they are professional and energetic. They can solve some problems actively and save lots of troubles that make the show to be held successfully and have a breakthrough at last.

Therefore, the happy ending of this show attributes to our staffs’ hard working and the high-tech machines’ creators. Of-course, the staff’s efforts is part of the success. But what’s more, the success are mostly depended on the high-tech machines and competitive price of the machine. To some degree, it is easy to find our GREENMAX machines are really good and easy to use and control.

So this show have proved our company’s strengthen and our company’s potential. So any help, you can ask help for us.