INTCO Recycling Machines Factory Activities and Group Activities

Recently, INTCO recycling machine factory have been busy testing recycling machines. As is known, quality is the most important point and quality determine everything. We will test our machines and find out our quality problems and then we will try to solve these problems.

XPS foam is also a hard decomposed plastic foam and people need recycling machines to handle waste XPS foam. So to offer higher qualified machines to our customers, we have tested a lot of machines and overcome imperfectness. Different customers have different demands and we hope to meet customers’ need.

Waste XPS foam have been crushed into pieces and melted down to blocks by PE foam recycling machines. XPS foam can be used in a lot of fields, such as food packaging materials, coffee cups and so on. Waste XPS foam are easy to transport after being recycled and save a lot of costs in transportation, store and labor.

In order to make more people know how to recycle waste plastics and know what INTCO is doing for the environment protection, we have make an advertisement in China. Our main purpose is that we expect more Chinese people could have the waste recycling habits.

Decades of years have been passed, China have got great improvement. Meanwhile, our environmental protection habits still need to make efforts. We have sold recycling machines for many years and we know clearly that people in different areas have different environmental protection sense. People in Europe pay much more attention to waste recycling and the demand for waste recycling machines are more. Also, people in America also have stronger waste recycling sense and recycling habit.

However, people in China still need to develop a good habit of waste recycling. Now Chinese people have a better recycling habits than before. As a social responsible company, we hope that more Chinese people could develop a good habit of waste recycling through getting much more recycling machines.

So now all of our activities and efforts are aim to improve our benefits and do something for waste plastic foam recycling. Hoping more people could pay much more attention to waste plastic foam recycling.