INTCO New Produced Recycling Machines for Waste Plastic Foam Recycling

Now we often hear that some plastic foam factories burned. The misery happened and some people are injured. So plastic foam have risks without considerate management. But we know that waste plastic foam, such as EPS foam and PE foam which is big in size and scattered. So waste plastic foam store and management is a tough job.

Now some waste plastic foam handling machines are produced, so these machines have offered a great help for plastic foam collectors and manufacturers. As these machines could compact or melt plastic foams down to blocks, the recycling machine could greatly get rid of their headache. Thus, the demand for recycling machines is increasing.

Meanwhile, our company have also produced some new machines as customers’ demands. Now our engineers are testing our machines in factory. To offer the best machines for our customers, all workers try their best to produce high quality recycling machines.

Now our staffs are throwing waste plastic foam into the machine slot. Then a large amount of waste plastic foams could be crushed into pieces in the slot. The next is the crushed plastic foam can be compacted into blocks and then they will be extruded under power and pressure.

In the picture you can see the compacted EPS foam, and they will be easy to store and transport. That is, warehouse keeper could manage waste plastic better, and some store and transportation costs will be also saved.