INTCO Recycling Participate the China International Exhibition of Recycle Economy

Recently, our company INTCO have participated lots of international exhibitions or local exhibition. And our company’s products are popular and lots of visitors have interest I our products. This year’s China’s international exhibition of recycle economy is attractive as the recycling industry is an emerging industry and lots of people have interest and they want to make contributions to the environment protection.

To be honest, it is proud that we could work at a company which take up recycling career. We could save resource and protect the environment when we work. So we feel it is meaningful to work because our company buy waste polystyrene foam every year and we could turn the waste into new products. Meanwhile, our company could not only recycle the waste to reduce the pollution and also we could save the raw material to produce useful material like particles and picture frames. We could say that our company’s business is a recycling system and we can do well in every aspect.

A few days ago, our company’s products GREENMAX were shown in the Britain show. GREENMAX is an important part of our company’s main products. The GREENMAX machines can compact and melt the polystyrene foam and other polystyrene foam materials. As the polystyrene foam is lightweight and easy to expand. So even a little polystyrene foam can occupy large space. But our machines can compact and melt the waste polystyrene foam and turn them into tightness. Also, our machines can handle the food package and other waste plastic materials. They can dewater some tetra-pak packaging and beverage bottles. As is known, the beverage manufacturers sometimes are not able to sell out all of their products.

So the outdate drinking bottles can be recycled. But the question is that the bottle recycling is difficult as there are too many bottles need to handle and they can’t finish the task only by themselves. Also, the labor cost is high and the job is laborious in fact.

From above, you can know some details about our company’s recycling products which are useful and practical. Every year, our company will participate the recycling show positively as we want more people to know the recycling product and enable more people to know the advantages of recycling. For one thing, we want others to know our products and sell our products; for the other, we want more people have a good knowledge of the recycling industry.

Therefore, our company INTCO Recycling are glad to participate the recycling exhibition.