INTCO Recycling Staff Have a Jogging in Winter

The winter is coming and the oil price is declining. All changes have an influence on the business. To release pressure and enhance the communication among different apartments, our company organized this activity.

This activity that everyone need to walk along the road for 20km, and I have participated in this activity. This activity is meaningful for me as I have a breakthrough in sports. Even some teams don’t get a reward they have a strong team work spirit and they get together to go forwards. Everyone has tried their best to get the destination. In this activity, we find the strong team is not the team that the member have strong body but their spirit of teamwork.

So it is likely to connect this activity to the business. Everyone can do better in work if they try their best in their team. Even they are in bad conditions they could overcome the difficulties at last. That is why you still could see some companies become stronger and stronger facing difficulties.

So this activity is meaningful for all people who have participated and meaningful for the whole company. For one thing, a lot of colleagues have realized the importance of exercises. Some of the participants were left behind and they need others help and encourage to go on. So they have realized the necessary of exercise. Meanwhile, they have enhanced their friendship as they help each other and encourage each other.

In the activity, the recycling industry also have a promising future if everyone could make efforts to waste collection or waste recycling, even one could make a difference. We know that the recycling job is not easy to take up as there are so much waste need to handle. In European countries, people have stronger sense of recycling and they just have developed the good habit of recycling.

In China, there are so many wastes every day and the waste collection will be much easier and efficient if everyone could do something for the waste recycling, especially the waste plastic recycling. Plastics have a wide of use in almost every field, so it is very important to collect the plastic and protect the environment.