INTCO Have Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award Achievements

Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in May 18, 2015 in Shanghai Exhibition Center Friendship Hall. The city leaders, Hanzheng and Yangxiong attended the meeting for awards.

Shanghai INTCO Industries Co. Ltd., Shandong INTCO Environmental Protection Renewable Resources Ltd and East China University of Technology and other universities applied for polystyrene foam key technology and application resources, which have won the Science and Technology Progress Award that Shanghai municipal government issued.

INTCO provide polystyrene foam recycling comprehensive solution:

Greenmax as INTCO department part of environmental protection machinery brand, focusing on the way of cold compression or hot melt polystyrene foam compression volume reduction. As a result, transportation costs could be reduced. At the same time, INTCO environmental protection Bureau also acquired compressed polystyrene foam, using a unique technology to recycle waste resources. Then environmentally friendly decorative molding and picture frames are produced in INTCO factory and they have been sold all over the world.

In the future, INTCO will make more efforts to devote to waste polystyrene foam recycling and make contributions to waste recycle. We will follow our government call to protect the environment. Meanwhile, we will sell our machines to other countries. Now we have sold a lot of machines to European countries, North America and so on. We have a strong sale team and we hope more people could buy machines to protect the environment.