INTCO is Trying to Make a Breakthrough EPE Foam Recycling Machines

This world is changing rapidly and there is no static method in the universal. So trying to make a breakthrough is the law of nature. Decades of years have passed and the internet have changed uncountable things. So INTCO is trying to change the traditional marketing strategy as well.

Of-course, pursing high-qualified products is the goal of manufacturers and customers, which have never been changed. High technology machines is also the reflection of higher quality. Thus, INTCO engineers are trying to have researches and studies.

This is a world that people need resources to have production and support the operation of the whole world. Greenmax have just satisfied the world trend needs and could make contributions to the release the energy crisis burden all over the world.

To produce some more machines which could meet the market better, our company have make great efforts to have research on local markets of different countries. Our salesman often go abroad to visit old customers and find new customers. Also, salesman often participate in different exhibitions to have a better knowledge of related industry. As a result, we will know clearly what types of machines the market need, and we could some machines which could meet the market needs.

The advantage are that we could offer machines that the buyer need indeed, and we could sell out our machines well and get more benefits. Besides, the whole recycling machine market will become better and the recycling machine industry will have a quicker development. At last, the recycling machines industry will promote market of the society.

The picture below is our company’s efforts to produce higher qualified machines that could satisfy more customers’ demands.

Our factory have always try their best to improve technology and make improvement. All of these are our efforts and we hope more people could get benefits from our machines.