Intco Attended Chinese Waste Plastics Business Strategy Forum

At present, economic downward is bearing pressure, the bottom is still in exploring, especially the real economy is weakness, many manufacturing industry are suffering and strove. The Chinese waste plastics industry is facing a "big change", reform is imminent. At this point, Chinese waste plastics association met the requirements of be member, so organized Chinese waste plastics business strategy forum.

At 19:00 PM, November 11th, Chinese waste plastics business strategy forum held as scheduled, many people attended it. Our Intco Greenmax Recycling are also very honored to attended the meeting. Forum is divided into two sub forum. At first, the industry leading entrepreneurs delivered a wonderful speech, adhering to the beginning of the rule of thumb in the heart is won applause.

Intco Greenmax Recycling enterprise proposed vertical strategy, "the industry needs to return to common sense" and "recycled plastics = noble + Green + psychological identity", these popular views let us see that we need to down-to-earth efforts and keep pace with the times and development in waste plastics industry reform. About some opportunities listed on the new board, let enterprise development encountered a spring in the upheavals, only when we grasp the fortunes of the event, can enterprises be carried out in an orderly manner.

With the progress of EPS recycling technology, the increase of the recycling efforts, the ban of using disposable PS foam tableware was abolished, the progress of styrofoam recycling is great. Professional engaged in recycling PS waste plastics, Intco Grenmax Recycling was awarded the "China plastics recycling utilization of R & D and production base", marking the PS recycling industry has taken a new step to high technology and intensive recycling. With the gradual depletion of the earth's resources and the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, the recycling of non renewable resources is the trend of the times.

The followed is a discussion of entrepreneurs, entrepreneur combined to the development of their own enterprises, learn from each other, and discuss the reform plan of waste plastics.

Finally, the famous strategic expert professor at Renmin University of China, gave his brilliant comments at the forum, put forward valuable suggestions for Chinese waste plastics business. Present Chinese enterprises waste plastics industry needs continuous innovation, continue to meet customer demand, effective combination of capital and knowledge. And enhance the core competence of enterprise in upheavals development.

Our Intco Greenmax Recycling firmly believe that Chinese waste plastics industry is facing current economic change,, we have responsibility to adhere and practice mission and to keep pace with the times, we will obtain the brilliant achievements of sustainable development.