Intco Cooperated With Volvo Company

Volvo Group is famous luxury car manufacturer in all of the world, founded in 1927, headquartered in Goteborg, Sweden. Volvo currently has sales many kinds of cars in China such as sports fashion models V40, four-wheel drive luxury utility vehicle V40 CC, and a new car city SUV XC60 and family sport wagon V60, luxury car S60L that designed for elite families.

According to the quality and standards of global unity. Volvo designed and expanded the dream with the human nature of the space, driven dream with the popular and smart technology, grow the dream with the concept of green environmental protection! All the Volvo family models have the best car air quality which is same as the level of luxury cars.

Recently, Zibo Intco International Ltd and Volvo opened odd customers exclusive privileges, tailored for the customer, now if Intco employees want to buy car, customers can enjoy the distinguished preferential treatment group purchase of volvo!
cooperation with Volvo

Exclusive buying policy is as follows:

Intco workers group purchase policy:

1 the lowest price policy;
2 enjoy the replacement policy: if there is an additional vehicle replacement,the people can enjoy 3000 yuan discount.
3 enjoy financial discount policy: 1 years of zero interest rates, two years, three years of low interest rate policy, such as: S60L line version, 266900 yuan, down 30%, equivalent to 90 thousand yuan down payment, if you choose a stage Car Buying, there is no interest. If you choose to be in a period of 2 years or three years, the interest rate is 3.99% and 4.99%.

Deep cooperation with Volvo cars, marks the Intco Greenmax Recycling company achieved positive results in the environmental protection machinery, the cooperation will help the Intco company to further expand in the field of domestic well-known and strive for more market share. Intco company also will continue to remain committed to the career of human environmental recycling.