Intco Vertical Integration Strategy In EPS Recycling Process

The vertical integration of the Intco business philosophy solves the problem of EPS recycling by virtue of the unique technology in the new era of waste plastics industry, and created the application example in EPS environmental protection box, outdoor decoration field, was acclaimed in the industry. From raw materials to products, from production to sales, this kind of vertical integration concept is worth learning in the industry.
EPS processing

Waste EPS foam recycling has great significance and prospect, but there is a big difficulty in recycling of EPS because its bulk volume and low density, and its recovery point is relatively dispersed, so it is not conducive to styrofoam recycling transport.

For EPS waste recycling problem, Intco Greenmax Recycling introduced international advanced technology and developed independently energy-saving, new generation of renewable PS foam compression densification recycling equipment, cold compact or hot melting to reduce the EPS volume and increased foam density, compressed volume is 1 / 40 of the original, from the source to solve the foam recycling and transport problems.

We use advanced technology to recycle the high purity particles, through the process of fine grinding, fine screening process, antioxidant regeneration process, and so on. The particles can be achieved with the same level of new materials, the recycling of high purity up to 99%. Compared with the new material, the performance of high purity recycled PS particles has been close to or exceeded the level of the new PS particles.

Product green application:PS wood frame, is Colorful, durable, thousands of different types of frame and stickers.

Compared with the traditional wooden frame materials, the advantages of PS green moulding are light weight, high strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection; moisture-proof, anti moth; color is rich, lasting brilliant; the outward appearance is exquisite, fine texture.

Intco Greenmax Recycling is a waste EPS foam leading global solutions provider. In the past 10 years, the company is committed to the Styrofoam recycling, high quality recycled, and green application in PS green frame, environment-friendly photo frames, outdoor flooring and other indoor decoration material field. PS frame and finished frame products has gradually developed into the best alternative materials to replace traditional wooden frame and photo products by virtue of its surface performance of wood processing and low cost advantages. It widely used in the field of global home decoration and indoor and outdoor building materials, praised by the domestic many customers.