Intco Wishes You Happiness Through The Coming Year

In this New Year's time, Intco Greenmax Recycling company extend New Year greetings to waste plastic recycling industry colleagues!

This year, dropped plastic prices, the sharp drop in demand, the implementation of new environmental laws, new hedges action unfold, new approaches to VAT, the media misread, to reduce the number of licenses in 2016, etc.. this year, the industry experienced an unprecedented situation.

This year, we adapt to the new global situation and Chinese economic development, waste plastics industry began to develop the first five-year plan, depicting the blueprint for the future development of the industry, this plan is closely linked with every industry friends.

This year, a youth ,who devoted into recycling of marine plastics, access to the UNEP "Champions of the Earth" title, inspired the entire industry, our country recycled nearly 40 million tons of waste recycled plastics a year, contribute a great strength for the global ecological environment. It should be said for each individual hard work in waste plastic industry, are the real Champions of the Earth.

This year, the industry overall brand-building and gradually expand, more and more citizens recognized the value and significance of waste plastics recycling industry.

In order to do this work, Grenmax Recycling company has made great efforts, of course, without the support of the government, the media, the work is difficult to do, and we want to focus on each people who help waste plastics industry to express our sincere thanks!
The development of the industry, can not be separated in the understanding and support of family waste plastics industry, we want to pay tribute to the family of every industry professionals!

New Year's bell has rung. With the arrival of the mobile Internet era, the change of new ways to expand the business community, international and domestic economic situation, the new 2016 is coming.

Intco traveled together with waste plastics industry in 2015, to meet to 2016 together! Some people say that 2016 may be the most difficult year for waste plastics industry, it is time to start new businesses, and the hardships is also opportunity. Recall that the difficult time, we not also experienced numerous difficulties and obstacles, and we will always stand together with everyone, to meet all the challenges!

The waste foam recycling career is glorious, no matter how much criticism and tough encounter, can not give up halfway. We must continue to make efforts, to take social expectations of the industry into our actions, to establish the image of the industry with practical action, to show the positive role in the social development, and to construct the beautiful China!

Finally, we wish all my colleagues in waste styrofoam recycling industry, happy new year, best wishes to you!