Linzi Cultural Industry Development Association visited INTCO

On March 21, the represents of Linzi District Cultural Industry Development Association visited Shandong Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. Frank Liu, the president of the Association and the chairman of company, discussed deeply with the delegation.

The delegation visited the INTCO's products exhibition hall, marketing offices, workshops, warehouses, etc., they appreciated and admired for the achievements made by the INTCO and the concept of environmental protection.

After the visit, the delegation went to the conference room, and met with the Chairman Mr. Frank Liu for nearly two-hour. During the meeting, the chairman Mr. Frank Liu shared the successful experience of many years, distinguished favorable development conditions in Linzi city, and analyzed the current economic situation. Despite the current economic situation is still uncertain, but INTCO starts from their own improvement and innovation through the introduction of talents, advanced equipment purchase, improve technological innovation, formed good innovation atmosphere every day in INTCO family, the innovation award was more than 400 million in 2015. Under the influence of raw material prices, devaluation and other unfavorable factors, INTCO's profits increased year by year.
INTCO products

In the course of the forum, they hoped association internal enterprises to continuously strengthen cooperation and achieve powerful combination, by strengthening the market judged functions, analyzed industry trends to help enterprises enhance the prospective of industrial development, opened ideas together through interaction between the industry, cooperation, expand horizons to achieve common development of enterprises in Linzi city.

As a subsidiary of the INTCO, GREENMAX which is an EPS Recycling Specialist, providing total solution to polystyrene recycling and Styrofoam recycling is very proud of a series of achievement of INTCO big family.