Make a Strategy to Enter into Industrial 4.0 Period

Recently, our chairman tell us the importance of era trend and inform us some information about future industrial development mode-Industry 4.0. Made in China now is still in the low-end manufacturing.

Now people in China are reluctant to take up manufacturing industry. Relatively speaking, Germany and the United States are mainly high-end manufacturing. Both of Industry 4.0 and CPS are driven by information and intelligence which could make a better social functioning. But there is a very large span if China achieve the transition from the low-end manufacturing to the pursuit goal of Germany and the United States.

Now the whole society is integrate. That is, the integration of information flow, logistics and cash flow. Electricity supplier is not just like Alibaba platform. Electricity supplier in China is a feature. It is impossible to replace everything by electricity supplier in the United States. In the US, people are tired for a week’s work and they are willing to go shopping to have a relaxation. Differently, in China, too many people have much troubles in pay when they buy and traffic jams. So people in China prefer to click on the line.

So it is a trend to enter into Industrial 4.0 age as the social demand and technology development. And our president leave some time to tell us what is the Industry 4.0 . As a plastic recycling company, future strategies have been made and our goal is to achieve automatic operation and production operation.

In fact, the strategy is also made partly influenced by the aging in the future. We know that China have made one child policy for more than thirty years. So the aging have more and more effects on China’s development. So now so many companies have already realized the importance of transit. We are plastic recycling manufacture and need labor to finish the production. But the Industry 4.0 is automatic operation and production. Our waste management and handling machines could help people handle the waste plastic easily as much as possible.

The new age need new technology and companies will lose their comparative advantages if they don’t improve their technology. So the Industry 4.0 should be attached much more importance in order to follow the era development trend.