More Than 80 Factories of Illegal Recycling Centers Will Be Demolished in China Very Soon

The government will demolish the illegal building of recycling center soon to get rid of the risk of fire safety, in order to make a good recycle environment.

Several fire accidents:

Last year there are several fire accidents which is mainly happened in the recycling collections, and the local government have taken actions to get rid of the risks. The fire inspectors focus on checking the illegal scrap yards within living places, exists settings, waste dumps, firefighting equipment configuration, wire random access, and fire interval surrounding residential building and other issues. The prevalence of smaller venues, sites, and sorting centers has no industry construction standards that make the entry easy to enter, staff mobility and low education level person enter into this field. As a result, fire accident is frequent in these strong concealment places.

Make a scientific planning for renewable resources:

The government will forbid some illegal recycle bins and some bins will be forced to close doors. If the government don’t force them to close doors, they will still open the door legally. And the result will be very bad, and the fire risk couldn’t be removed completely.

Last month a severe fire accident have killed so many people’s lives, and to prevent this sad happening again some strict regular must be carried out. You can scan the internet and the condition need our thinking. So many poor workers had gone and their relatives couldn’t bear the facts. So it is necessary to make regulations and blame the illegal factory.

Accidents will happen to everyone through one’s life, so we need treasure our life and respect others. At this time the government also need to make efforts to guarantee the safety of this country’s people and the other countries’ people.

So some illegal recycle center is necessary to cancel. And this could offer a better living condition to ourselves in the future. Meanwhile, our company offer some machines GRRENMAX which could easily and effectively handle the pollution. We get benefits and we take responsibility for the society.