New Designed Greenamx Waste Recycling Machines are in Production

Recently, our salesman are busy visiting our old customers and participating in a big exhibition. The exhibition dynamic will be provided several days later. Now the following is about the information about our machines get from our old customers. Then I will introduce our new designed machines to you completely.

Recently, our company have bought some waste expanded polystyrene foam from our machines’ buyer. Then, we find our machines function very well and the output capacity is also very good. As a result, our waste EPS foam suppliers are glade to sell their compacted waste EPS foam to us because our machines have helped them handled so much wastes and they have also get a lot of benefits. So we have built a good cooperation relationship and mutual benefits enable us to have a long term cooperation.

The next picture is waste EPS foam that bought from our machines’ buyer. The waste plastic foam is recycled by A-POLO series, the scattered waste EPS foam is compacted into blocks tightly and the waste plastic foam could be reproduced to other useful products without wastes.

Now more and more customers have inquired our machines and they hope that our machines could handle their waste plastic foam as much as possible. To meet the needs of customers, multifunctional and new designed machines are in production. Our engineers are testing new Zeus series machines, and this kind of machines will be finished very soon. The New Zeus series machines have a great improvement as we get feedback and advice from customers and market condition. Now some customers have decided to buy our Zeus series and our factory is also busying producing machines.

Of-course, some other series machines are also in production so that we could achieve timely delivery. We have a lot of machines available in case delivery time might delay and the machine quality have problems.