Ninth China International Recycling Conference Will be Held in September

The conference will be held in a total area of 5000 square meters of exhibition hall, which is three times as the previous. Meanwhile. There will be special exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition, plastic recycling scrap discussion area and waste plastics trade negotiations where could offer the participant exchange opportunities. According to reports, the General Assembly will be divided into two parts. The first is the forum is mainly focused on “urban mining, resource recovery”. The other is mainly focused on the “metal recycling, recycled plastic”.

The conference will held in Tianjin city. The head of relevant state ministries, well-known experts and scholars will deliver authoritative lectures to discuss the direction of development under the new station and the future of renewable resource. Secretary-General Bureau of International Recycling, Alexander, will make a keynote speech at the conference, and will also have relevant experts from renewable resources recycling and other issues surrounding the speech.

In addition, the reporter learned that, at the meeting, including the International Organization of renewable resource recycling Bureau of International Recycling, scrap iron and steel and non-ferrous metal recycling sorting system manufacturers, J&L (U.S) companies and other non-ferrous metals business representatives worldwide over 30 countries and regions will also participant the conference.

The news is an obvious signal that the recycling industry have attracted the attention of the government and some famous companies. As the government have taken actions, it is time to start if you have the idea to engage in this industry. You could proudly take part in this career because you could make contribution to the environment and the government will also foster you and help you in some aspects.

I get a lot from a famous scholar who said that it was worth engaging in the career of livelihood and environmental protection. This career will benefit you much and gradually self-fulfillment will be developed. Do you have some ideas now after reading the news? You have some ideas or not, but the recycling industry is emerging. The conference is a signal of the future of the recycling industry.