Our GREENMAX Machines are Popular in the British Show and We Find Some High Quality Customers

Recently, you may only hear that the Scotland may be independent from Britian, which have hit the headline. We care about the independence of Scotland and we nearly ignore the news about something important related to our life. Some now let me introduce something about the British show.

Our company take part in the British show this month and we signed lots of orders which are good news for our company this September. The good news can see that our GREENMAX machines are very popular in the world, and our machines have a good reputation for their high quality. Mostly, we know that the reason why we could fight against the competitors is that we have technology advantages and price advantages. Our machines are easy to control and durable which equipped with SIEMENS appliances and some other famous equipment suppliers. So you can know we have high-qualified machines. In addition, our machines are much cheaper than some other machines. So people why not to choose the products that are attractive in price and quality.

Our GREENMAX machines have several series which have different functions of different series. Just like the compactors, dewatering machines and melting machines. The compactor can compact the EPS material, XPS, PSP, and EPE or EPP material. Meanwhile, the melting machines can also handle and recycle these materials. Also, the dewatering machines can handle and recycle PET bottles, beverage cartons, yogurt cups and so on. That is to say, our machines have a wide of uses in recycling industry, especially the plastic foam and something related to plastics.

So some manufactures are likely to turn to our machines to handle some their outdate food products, or some recyclers who want to save space or labor coast. Besides, the recycled plastic foam or plastics can be sold at a high price to get more benefits. Our machines are right to satisfy their need and our machines are easy to control and our after-sale service is very good.

In this show, our staffs have made great efforts to exhibition building and have some troubles in the preparing for the show. But their efforts are paid off and the show area that they set up attract some customers to visit and buy our machines.

So if you are interested in our machines and you need the machines, you can turn to our GREENMAX machines for help.