PET Process

PET process-film process: PET usually supplies in crystal pellets form. Before film extrusion, PET must be dried in high temperature drying oven.

Pellets after drying humidity ratio should be lower than 0.003 percent, making molecular chain cracking and property loss deduced to the minimum limit.

Film extruder machine’s length-diameter should be less than 24:1, and has enough horsepower. Standard casting machine is to produce thin film.

PET extrusion shaping needs to choose as possible as low extruding temperature (usually about 525F ), over high temperature will certainly lead to molecular resolve.

PET used for bottles drying procedures is similar to extruding plastic. Molding plastc material should not be polluted to produce resilient and pure molding material.

Orientation makes solid polymer density remarkably improved, one way to control density is the orientation degree. The direct result of orientation process is: polymer’s tensile yield strength, impact strength and creep resistance are greatly improved. Currently there are several satisfactory technologies applied to blow molding orientation PET containers.