Pepsi-Cola Expands Beverage Bottles Recycling

Pepsi-cola Beverage Company whose headquarter is located in New York currently enlarges its beverage bottles recycling scale. They start the cooperation with two new retailers in Tulsa area in Oklahoma State.

This company claims that Warehouse Market and Fiesta Mart (two chain supermarket companies in America) will join in Pepsi’s recycling system.

Apart from these two retailers, Pepsi will also put over 120 recycling bins at more than 30 certain retailing places in this city.

In April 2010, Pepsi set up the beverage bottles recycling system. They plan to improve the used beverage containers recycling rate to 50 percent. Pepsi claims that since the program launched used beverage containers recycling rate has been increased from 34 percent to 42 percent.

Pepsi Sustainable Development chief inspector Tim Carey says that beverage container recycling has become simpler and more feasible even when people are not at home.

They have designed a kind of recycling bin that looks like a large-sized plastic bottle and is quite different with ordinary garbage bins. These recycling bins are placed at where it is easy to find and recognize.